When you purchase the Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart,
you will receive:

    • Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart contained in a file that will run on your desktop computer (exe for PC and app for Mac)

    • Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart contained in code with a registration key that will run only on your website (No one will be able to download any file and use it away from your web site.) After purchase, you will submit your domain name so we can create your custom file.

    • PDF file containing instructions and recommendations

    • You may avoid shipping fees by choosing to have the files arrive in your email.

    • Upgrades are included in the annual subscription price.

See the app on the iTunes Store website:

Purchase Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart

English/US Numbering System

$95.00 annual

English/FDI Numbering System

$95.00 annual

Spanish/US Numbering System

$95.00 annual

Spanish/FDI Numbering System

$95.00 annual

French/FDI Numbering System

$95.00 annual

If you would like to pay by fax or mail-in check, print out an order form:


**By purchasing the Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart (IMTC),  you agree to the following terms:

  1. IMTC may only be used on the domain(s) indicated by buyer at the time of purchase, unless expressly authorized by American Bio-Compatible Health Systems, Inc.

  2. The IMTC is intended for use of the buyer only, and resale is expressly forbidden.

  3. The IMTC is protected by trademark, copyright and software piracy laws.